Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Rehabilitation Centre in PatialaRehabilitation Centre in Patiala: Lifeline Foundations is a certified drug rehabilitation centre in Patiala fully involving the tremendous facilities to heal the addicts at best. Drug addiction is a wide spreading of evil and proving to be a curse for the whole society. To handle the emerging circumstances, we are well-prepared with advanced features. With an ambition to recover the society from this dreadful situation, we are carrying excellent efforts forward to generate exceptional results. Moreover, our well-qualified personnel will guide you professionally throughout the whole treatment process. We make a perfect result-oriented approach and maintain an eco-friendly environment to go with the smooth treatment process.

Furthermore, we have a perfect combination of excellent treatment facilities along with experienced manpower to treat the patients to the utmost level of satisfaction. Lifeline Foundations will give its patients 100% satisfied at affordable price structure. Similarly, we have done a wonderful job in the recent past. We have won several achievement awards under the superb guidance of Mr Sanjeev Sharma. He laid down the foundation stone of the rehabilitation centre in Patiala in the year 2000. So if you also in a need of the Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala, just call at +918847215265 and get the world-class medical treatment to diminish your drug addiction completely.

Lifeline Foundations is the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala

Drug Rehabilitation centres have become the prime necessity of our society from the present point of view. Drugs are being taken on a large scale by the huge portion of our population. It is not a positive sign for us. In fact, it clearly shows how we are taking drugs extravagantly. Correspondingly, a  survey depicts that 7 out of every 10 persons are addicted to any of the drugs in Punjab. It is such a pitiful situation in Punjab, which was an example of bravery, courage and fearless personalities in the past. But today that picture is totally opposite. Because Punjab was well-known in the world as a golden-sparrow. There were employment and prosperity in the state. People do their work with their own hands and live a healthy and stress less life.

But today it is being said sadly that we have adopted a complex and stressful lifestyle. Now our lives are totally depended on the machines. We have given up the culture of hard work. Now we are looking for the comforts at every cost and have made our body home for deceases. All these factors are collectively related to the usage of drugs directly or indirectly. Our rehabilitation centre in Patiala is the perfect and worthy place to give you the best results. So that you can move towards a healthy and respectful life. Because heath is such a priceless and valuable thing can never be regained once lost. Lifeline Foundations will help you personally in this regard. You will be fully capable of living a beautiful lifestyle full of prosperity and joy with your family.

Some of Our Highlighting Features at Lifeline Foundations

Being the best and world-renowned rehabilitation centre in Patiala, we are fully responsible to help you with the desired results. You contact us with a hope in mind to get the best treatment ever. Again, the price charges are also the major consideration to take into mind comparatively. But the most important aspect is related to quality maintenance. We are the top choice in this respect. Quality is the top priority for us. Because of the quality medical treatment facilities, we have become a trustable brand in the region. Likewise, our huge customer base is a great success for us. They are praising our efforts and recognize us as the top rehabilitation centre in Patiala.

Now let’s have a descriptive look at some of our eye-catching and burning specialities. Lifeline Foundations is embracing with world-class features since its very first day of work. Today, we are the leading rehabilitation centre in Punjab working exceptionally well in the field. Patients are approaching us around the country. Lifeline Foundations is dominating the industry because of the following special qualities:

  • Firstly, Lifeline Foundations has massive experience in the drug rehabilitation industry. We are an old player striving to pass a superb treatment to the drug addicts. Thousands of patients have been treated successfully till date and counting. it has been 18 years past since our inception and today we are matured enough to handle critical cases with ease.
  • We have a modern infrastructure to provide you with a reliable environment to help you in fast recovery. Our property is incorporating advanced features fully designed to cater to your problems with the best and fruitful techniques. Likewise, our patients will get extreme treatment therapies which will cure them with to the desired standards.

Feel Free to Contact Us Now: +917270033333

  • Similarly, the Lifeline Foundations has hired a fully professional and qualified team of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, and others. All are expert in their respective field and working superbly for us. In fact, our medical personnel has contributed a huge part in our success at our rehabilitation centre in Patiala. Moreover, they have done a brilliant stint with us and have won several awards from time to time for their remarkable contribution in the field.
  • We are working far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The environment is pollution-free, fresh and sweet-smelled air, hygienic surroundings around.
  • Furthermore, quality is the main target for us. We strive for quality-rich contents to produce fabulous results. Kaizen concepts are there we follow strongly in order to maintain the prestigious position forever. Quality is the key motivating factor for us and we never compromise on the issue just for the pricing attributions. It is the main secret to place us on the driving seat.
  • Our rehabilitation centre in Patiala is offering its patients with fully AC rooms, 24*7 availability of purified cold and hot water as per the climate, hygienic and neat and clean kitchens, courtyards, backyards, and two-story building etc. Additionally, we have perfect arrangements for the physical and recreational activities in the form of Gymnasium, vast playgrounds for indoor and outdoor games. Separate swimming-pools are there for both ladies and gents as well.

“We are working around the clock to make your life healthy, prosperous and drug-free”

  • Considering diet management, Lifeline Foundations is focusing great on this important proposition and delivering the patients with fresh and nutritional diet plans. Our day starts with tea, coffee, milk, juice, and other nutritional-rich eatables and drinkables as per the diet chart. Correspondingly, our dietitians maintain separate diet chart for each patient as per their health attributions.
  • Similarly, at our rehabilitation centre in Patiala, we especially focus on the Yoga and Meditation sessions. Our Psychologists and physiologists perform daily sessions in the morning. These are really helpful in fast recovery of the patients.
  • Our doctors will check you up on a daily basis. They maintain a special register for each patient to note down daily health changes. For it, they check-up for blood-pressure, blood-sugar, body temperature and body-weight etc. This record is helpful in monitoring the health progress of the patients.
  • Moreover, the Lifeline Foundations is possessing an ambulance service available for 24 hours. We have a free home pick and drop facility in case of an emergency.
  • Our rehabilitation centre in Patiala is the top class and reputed brand in the industry. The massive customer base is following us because of our trustworthy position.

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