Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar

Rehabilitation Centre in JalandharRehabilitation centre in Jalandhar: Our drug rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar is incorporating world-class medical facilities to make you out of danger. We will certainly help you in making your life back on the track and you will be fully capable of living a healthy and prosperous life.

We have done an appreciable and prideful job in the drug rehabilitation field since our inception in the year 2000.
With a straight motive to help the society with excellent drug rehabilitation facilities, we at Lifeline Foundations are making great efforts and have brought a revolution in the field. It is our mission to fight against this evil and vanish it from society thoroughly.

If you are addicted to any of the drugs and wishing to recover your life back on the normal track, contact us at +91 7270033333 and quit drugs, alcohol etc. forever. We will serve you with 100% satisfied results at our rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar.

We are the sensational Rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar

Drug addiction is destroying our society especially our youngsters are the main prey to it. Our governments are fully unable to provide jobs to our well-educated youngsters. They easily come under the grip of drugs and with the passage of time, they become addicted to it. Here they need a strong and effective drug rehabilitation treatment so that they could come back to normal life. Accordingly, at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Jalandhar, we are serving them with effective and result-orienting treatment therapies and remedies.

Since our inception, we have recorded a remarkable success in the field and have won several quality and achievement awards. Our exceptional quality services are proving as a boon for the drug addicts. Their family members really appreciate our efforts as they have got back their member out of the jaws of devastating evil.

Our rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar has successfully earned a huge trust of the public which recognized us as the trustworthy and reliable Nasha Mukti Kender in Patiala.

How will we treat you to our centre?

 At our rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar, we will treat you with a multi-step treatment process which is highly useful in obtaining the desired results.
 We have organized our fabulous infrastructure incorporated with exceptional facilities. We have fully AC rooms, gardens, courtyards in front of the building, swimming pools etc.
 In addition, we also provide our patients with best arrangements for recreational activities including playgrounds for indoor and outdoor games.
 Moreover, we have gymnasium well-equipped with modern and advanced facilities at our rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar.
 Our specialist teams of doctors, nurses and counsellors are highly experienced and well-qualified.
 They are professionals in their field and will guide you with full of their knowledge. They conduct regular check-ups for blood-pressure, blood-sugar and temperature of the patients. This helps us in monitoring their health progress and carry on the treatment accordingly.

Moreover, we strongly emphasize on the diet provided to the patients. A balanced diet containing all the nutritional ingredients is serving the patients three times a day. Concluding all, our efforts are fully capable of demolishing your drug addiction with full satisfaction.

So, never wait anymore and join our Rehabilitation Centre. We assure you will be all fine with regard to your health. Your drug addiction will get eliminated with effective and modern medicinal treatment. Moreover, our drug addiction treatment is available at the lowest prices. No need to pay in advance. Just get the results and then pay your charges. Our patients will get overall health solutions under the same roof.