De Addiction Centre in Amritsar

De Addiction Centre in AmritsarDe addiction Centre in Amritsar: Are you addicted to the drugs, alcohol or anything other like this? Contact us immediately and experience the top class and excellent drug rehabilitation facilities at our rehabilitation centre in Amritsar. At Lifeline Foundation, we have brought a revolution in this field because of our amazing infrastructure and result-oriented efforts.

In the recent past, we have treated thousands of drug abusers who were indulged into drugs deeply. Our De addiction centre in Amritsar is fully capable of handling any emergency case. Because drug addiction has entrapped the whole Punjab. It has strengthened its roots in our society with a firm grip and hard steps needed to be taken to remove it thoroughly. We are contributing hugely in this regard and our efforts are being useful at all fronts. You will be served with exceptional services which are also available at affordable prices.

Additionally, we are a certified Nasha Mukti Kender in Amritsar by the state government of Punjab. Our treatments are highly effective and successfully providing the desired results. Our medicinal therapies will make you healthier and after some time you will be successful in getting rid of the drugs you are habitual to. Make a simple call at +918847215265 before being too late. It is the right time to take your first step towards the ambition you want to achieve.

We Will Serve You with 100% Results at Our De Addiction Centre in Amritsar

Drug addiction is proving to be dangerous and harmful for our society. Because of changing lifestyle, the depression, anxiety, and stress have entered into our lives. In order to get relief of them, people found drugs to be a simple and effective solution. They easily addicted to drugs and ruin their precious lives. The second important reason for it is huge unemployment prevailing in the country, especially in the state Punjab. During the polls, our government has promised us to provide employment to at least one family member in Punjab. But after being into the power, that promise seems just a weapon to capture the votes. Apart from it, several other hidden reasons are there responsible for drug addiction in Punjab.

But you don’t need to worry at all, because we have relieving news for you. Now Lifeline Foundation has also initiated an excellent De addiction centre in Amritsar, your own city. At this centre, we are offering fabulous facilities to make you capable of living a respectful and healthy life once again. Whether you are taking any type of the drugs, we will handle you perfectly. Because till date, we have treated thousands of patients with 100% results at our De addiction centre in Amritsar. Earlier, they were taking Marijuana, LSD, smoking, alcohol, opium, Heroin, Psilocybin, Amphetamine, Ketamine, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and many other such harmful substances.

What are the Major Reasons to Click Us?

Not a single reason is responsible to rank us as the world-class De addiction centre in Amritsar. Over the years, we have embraced amazing and important facilities in order to provide you the best class treatment at our rehab centre. Some of the Major Qualities are as Follow:

  • We have earned a long working experience of more than 18 years. It is the major factor why people are approaching us.
  • Our fully furnished infrastructure consists of swimming pools, fully AC rooms, gardens, playgrounds, courtyards, gymnasium and many more.
  • Our De addiction centre in Amritsar is operating in a neat and clean and pollution free area. Fresh and natural surroundings help a lot in the fast recovery of the patients.
  • Special focus on a balanced diet. The meals we serve to the patients three times a day are a great combination of nutritional ingredients. Diet will be high in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and all other nutrition.
  • Further, we have our own agricultural farms to grow vegetables and fruits. We serve these products for our patients because we grow them without using any type of pesticides or insecticides.
  • At our rehab centre, we offer facilities to our patients for recreational activities. We have vast playgrounds to play cricket, hockey, football, and many other outdoor games as well as indoor games.
  • Moreover, we are providing ambulance service with free home pick and drop facility day and night.