De Addiction Centre in Patiala

De Addiction Centre in Patiala: Lifeline Foundation is the world-class and most popular De addiction centre in Patiala. We are helping the society with tremendous drug rehabilitation facilities at our centre to make it drug-free completely. Today drug addiction has become the curse for our society and is destroying it on a large scale. Correspondingly, our rehabilitation centre in Patiala is well-enriched with fabulous and outstanding facilities to produce the desired results along with maximum satisfaction.

Our team of specialist experts is highly experienced to handle critical to critical cases effectively. Lifeline Foundation is working to achieve its very important ambition to vanish the evil of drug addiction from the roots. Thousands of patients have got their lives back on the normal track at our De addiction centre in Patiala. If you are too looking for the best and trustworthy De Addiction Centre in Patiala, then click us with closed eyes. Because we have excellent and one-stop solutions for all of your drug-related problems. Call us at +917270033333 immediately and make your priceless life drugs-free and start living a happy and healthy life.

Our De Addiction Centre in Patiala is Delivering World-class Facilities

Lifeline Foundation was established in the year 2000 with a motive to eradicate the dreadful evil of drug addiction with full effect. In this context, we are striving with exceptional facilities which are of international standards. We are a certified De addiction centre in Patiala looking forward to helping the public in this regard.

At our De addiction centre in Patiala, we have the marvelous and outstanding infrastructure to make the drug addicts more comfortable and easy during the treatment process. Initially, it is not easy for the drug abusers to give up this habit suddenly at once. It takes time to decrease the drugs amount they are taking, with some medical precautions. Our doctors will treat you with the best medicines which do not cause any harmful effect on your body. Similarly, our multi-step treatment program is fully capable of healing you with immediate effect.

We have hired professional dieticians to have a deep emphasize on the diet serving to the patients at our De addiction centre in Patiala. They maintain an individual diet chart for each patient after examining their physical status. We serve the patients with a balanced diet comprising of all the nutritional values such as protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and more. A balanced diet is an important factor to assure the fast recovery of the patients.

Lifeline Foundation has owned a vast agricultural and livestock farms to produce hygienic and fresh outputs. We grow our own vegetables and fruits without using any kind of pesticides etc. these products are completely healthy and fresh and are really helpful from the health respective. Along with we produce hygienic milk of buffalos and cows at our De addiction centre in Patiala.

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In the recent past, drug addiction has increased at a rapid pace. Accordingly, a great need rises for the drug rehabilitation centres to handle the circumstances with advanced facilities. At Lifeline, we have done a remarkable job and have recorded a huge success in this regard. Because we are providing advanced facilities to the patients at reasonable prices. We have fully AC building with a beautiful courtyard in front of it, swimming pools and gymnasium for recreational activities. Similarly, we have separate playgrounds especially for Cricket, Hockey, Football, Tennis and many more outdoor and indoor games as well.

Moreover, we conduct regular counseling sessions under the superb guidance of our psychologists and counselors. We promise you will get extreme results at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala.