Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

Rehabilitation Centre in PunjabRehabilitation Centre in Punjab: Lifeline Foundations is a perfect platform where you will get 100% world-class medical treatment helpful in gaining you better health. Initially, we determine your health status by applying numerous types of tests at our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab. Located on the north-western edge of India, Punjab is one of the smaller albeit prosperous states of the nation. Rehabilitation Centre is a Centre where people with alcohol or drug addiction are treated. The purpose of the Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab is to restore some or all of the patient’s physical and mental capabilities that were lost due to disease. Rehabilitation includes assisting the patients to compensate for deficits that cannot be reversed medically.

Lifeline Foundations-Best Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab-

Lifeline Foundations is helping people in their fight against the devastating evil of drug addiction. Further, we carry on as per the test reports to give you the exact matching treatment therapies. Thus, our patients will get assure and guaranteed result-driven approach from our one of the best medical personnel at our drug Rehabilitation Centre.

Lifeline Foundation is the invention of the kind and creative mind of Mr Sanjeev Sharma. He initiates his good deed in the area by having a foundation stone for Lifeline Foundation in the year 2000. Later, our experienced and courteous doctors and other medical staff done stunning progress under his superb guidance. Similarly, our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab will work wonder for you. As you are approaching us with hope in mind to get extraordinary treatment facilities. Today drug addiction has become such a crucial issue in our country that today it is demanding a special focus to deal with. At our Nasha Mukti kender in Punjab, we are working understanding your health needs to the fact to make it enjoyable once again. Call us now at +917270033333 and meet our health problems with perfect drug addiction solutions.

Get 100% Satisfying Results at our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab

Drug addiction is dispersing the society at its peak strength. Today it has become of great importance to have an integrated approach to the issue to vanish it as early as possible. Moreover, it is also acting as the main hurdle in the way of development of the nation. Correspondingly, the governments have to spend huge amounts of money to create effective strategies and arrangements against evil.

Accordingly, our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab is well-equipped with all the relevant and useful features to deliver the patients in a smooth and hygienic environment. We have a perfect team of doctors keen to engage you in the world-class medical processes for better results. Further, our fully furnished infrastructure will give you the right atmosphere in which you will recover fast and lead to a prosperous life ahead.

Moreover, we have done extensive research in the field to provide you with the perfect and ideal health solutions. This approach will serve you with outstanding and marvellous facilities at our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab;

• Lifeline Foundations has managed superb infrastructural facilities to cater to the patients’ health needs efficiently. Fully AC two-story building, beautiful gardens and courtyards in the front, gymnasium, and playgrounds are there to make you feel at home during the treatment.

• Highly experienced and professional doctors to deal you with the perfect as well as mind-blowing health solutions.

• Further, we have handled thousands of emergency cases with ease and optimistic approach at our rehabilitation Centre in Punjab.

• Furthermore, a hygienic and balanced diet full of all the nutritional values as per the diet chart.

• Moreover, 24 hours of ambulance service with free home pick and drop facility.

You can Contact our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab on +917270033333

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Quit Drugs! Save life

Lifeline Foundation has decorated itself with outstanding and fabulous infrastructure with a combination of expert and a personalized team of qualified doctors in order to obtain the best possible results at the optimum use of resources.

Further, all of our medical treatment therapies will be performed under the excellent supervision of specialists. Our medicinal will include organic remedies with none kind of side-effects.

Thousands of patients have been successfully treated here at our rehabilitation centre in Punjab with their highest level of satisfaction.