Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual DiagnosisDual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Firstly, We have the specialist team who have tremendous experience in Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Punjab. Moreover, At this stage, the patient is suffering from Mental illness, Sickness, co morbid substance Abuse problem. So, It also causes Depression and great dependency of Drug. In some cases, we need to hospitalize the patients.


Dual Diagnosis treatment is a new innovation in the field of addiction recovery. Until the 1990s, people who were experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder — anxiety attacks, depressive episodes, delusional behavior or mood swings — treated separately from those who sought help for drug or alcohol abuse.

When these conditions crossover, clients were often denied treatment for a mental illness until they got clean and sober. Unfortunately, because substance abuse often drives by an underlying Mental disorder, this meant that many people with a Dual Diagnosis of addiction and a mental disorder never got the help they need.

What’s Different About Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

In the modern era, Dual Diagnosis recovery blends the most successful aspects of mental health care and substance abuse treatment.

Instead of drawing a hard line between psychiatric health and addiction, these areas treat as part of a continuum. Clinicians who work in this treatment can now get training and credentials in the treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders. So, Dedicated rehab facilities offer recovery services that are personalized for clients.

If you meet the diagnostic criteria for a mental health disorder (depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, a personality disorder, etc.) and for an addictive disorder (alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, or another behavioral addiction), you may be classified as a client when you enter treatment. Effective treatment for a DD involves considering both your addiction and your mental illness as you go through the recovery process.

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